Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Earth Research?

  • We provide expertise in just a small range of topics: earth science, geology, environmental science, and physical/social geography.
  • Director is Dr Mark Tippett, who is PhD qualified, and has 18 years international experience in research, publishing, and consulting.
  • You are protected by a terms of engagement agreement covering confidentiality, ownership of information, and the standard and schedule of services.
  • All communications and work documents are received and sent electronically for speed, convenience, and client privacy.
  • As a client, you deal directly with the person doing your work, not a manager, administrator, or secretary.
  • You can obtain free, no-obligation quotes and then make a decision whether or not to proceed.
  • Fees are reasonable – costs are negotiated with the client before work starts, and can be based on an hourly/daily rate or a firm quote.
  • If you live outside New Zealand (as do 99.99 % of the world’s population), you pay no services tax and benefit from good currency exchange rates.
  • Payments are risk-free as you make them in instalments as you receive the work.
  • There are several easy payment options available, including secure online visa/mastercard using PayPal or Paymate.
  • Your confidentiality and privacy are maintained at all times.

How does the whole process work?

After you first contact Earth Research, your requirements and how they can best be met will be discussed (usually by email and/or phone). Discussion may progress to the point where Earth Research prepares a free, no-obligation quote for you that will detail the work to be done, the work schedule, and the cost. On that basis you can decide whether or not to proceed.

Once work is underway, Earth Research emails draft versions of work to you for your comment and feedback before final delivery. While work is in progress, you can make contact by email (or phone). You will always have direct contact with the actual person who is doing the work, not an administrator or assistant who knows nothing about your particular research work. You will be given updates and will receive rapid replies to your emails.

You are protected in the entire work process by a terms of engagement agreement. The agreement covers issues such as confidentiality, scope and standard of work, ownership of data, and the obligations of Earth Research to the client (and vice-versa). It is designed to ensure a clear, secure, and smooth working relationship between you and Earth Research.

You will usually receive your work as email attachments. The files can be downloaded straight on to your computer. The advantages of receiving an email attachment include speed and convenience of delivery, full privacy and confidentiality, and the ability for you to alter the work or to incorporate it into another file or document.

What are the costs?

Earth Research can work using an hourly rate, or for a firm, fixed price arranged beforehand – it is your choice. The charge rate is dependent upon the specific type of work being done and the circumstances of the client. Generally, a rate agreeable to both parties (Earth Research and the client) is negotiated.

How do I make an enquiry?

If you want to make an enquiry about a specific service, please refer to the relevant services pages. Or, just click on the following link to email Earth Research:

Make research enquiry 

Your email address, and all information, data, and files sent to/from Earth Research by any method, are strictly confidential between you and Earth Research. Earth Research will make a prompt response to your enquiry, and will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your work if you want. The quote defines the work to be done, the standard and schedule of work, and the cost.

How do I pay?

For details of payment methods you can use, please click here.

How does Earth Research Build Up Trust?

Earth Research builds up trust with potential clients by discussing their requirements by email and phone before any work or payments begin. On the basis of this trust, clients feel confident and secure dealing with Earth Research. You can read about Earth Research and Dr Mark Tippett on the profile page.

How safe is the Secure Payment System?

Earth Reseach uses a third-party (independent) credit card processing system run either by PayPal or Paymate. Both of these payment providers are well known and secure. Your credit card details or personal information are never revealed to the merchant (Earth Research), only in a secure way to either PayPal or Paymate. Learn more about the payment systems here.

What About Privacy and Confidentiality?

All work done by, and information, data, and files sent to Earth Research and communicated by email, fax, phone, or any other method, are strictly confidential between the client and Earth Research. The client’s email address is retained and used only for the purpose of communication. A terms of engagement agreement is used to ensure a good working relationship with clients, and this agreement covers such issues as confidentiality, ownership of information, and the standard and schedule of services.