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Earth Research can do your work using an hourly rate, or for a firm, fixed price arranged beforehand. The charge rate is dependent upon the specific type of work being done and the circumstances of the client. You can obtain an approximate quote for editing work on the editing quote page. On that same page you can request a firm quote for a specific manuscript or paper.


Secure Payment Using PayPal or Credit Card Online

The preferred payment option is payment using PayPal, the world’s most trusted online payment system. You can pay conveniently and securely online either with your PayPal account, or with your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) through PayPal. You do not need to be a member of PayPal or have a PayPal account to be able to use your credit card for safe payment using the PayPal system. The PayPal transaction occurs independently of Earth Research after you receive the emailed invoice. The transaction system is used by millions of people throughout the world, and is at the forefront of secure online transaction technology. PayPal has a comprehensive buyer protection scheme, meaning that clients have no concerns about making payments to Earth Research. Click here to learn more about Paypal.

The practicalities of using the Paypal system to pay for Earth Research invoices are very easy, and the payment should take less than two minutes:

1. Earth Research writes an invoice (via PayPal) that contains the address of the PayPal web page on which you start the payment process.

2. On that web page, you click the Paypal icon, and you are directed to a secure Paypal page.

3. You then enter your credit card details into the secure Paypal page.

4. After reviewing the credit card information that you entered into the secure page, you then complete the transaction.

Alternative Payment Methods

(1) Clients can pay directly to Earth Research’s bank account using telegraphic transfer (wire), easily done by internet banking transfer. Earth Research will provide you with the appropriate banking details so that you can make the transfer. (2) Any other system that is convenient for the client.