Research Services

Research services include scientific editing of manuscripts and papers, writing of reports and other documents, background research, and general research assistance. Whether it is work towards a research proposal, academic paper or manuscript, book, journal article, or scientific report, Earth Research can help you. Earth Research specializes in earth science, geology, environmental science, and physical geography.


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Bibliographic searches

Online bibliographic and literature searches to obtain references (to articles, books, bulletins, reports etc) for your particular research topic, using the best specialized bibliographic databases.

Research Audit

Critique of your research proposal, article, or any other aspect of your research work with a view to identifying strengths and weaknesses with a view to constructive recommendations for improvement.

Manuscript development

Writing, rewriting, and editing of proposals, reports, papers, manuscripts, articles, and any other type of document.

Editing for paper/article publication

Rewriting and editing of draft papers, manuscripts, and articles intended for publication in academic journals.

Book editing

Expert writing and editorial assistance for academics or scientists who are writing a book and are short of time.

English is your 2nd language

Rewriting and editing of papers, manuscripts, articles, proposals, and reports for researchers whose first language is not English.