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Bibliographic Search Services

All research projects require an investigation into the previous research and work that has been performed on the topic of your project.

Bibliographic search services involve searching for references to articles, reports, books, and other documents or publications, using comprehensive online tools and databases.

Earth Research searches in specialized bibliographic databases and information repositories to locate and retrieve the references to the documents needed for your research project or project proposal.

Specialized bibliographic databases used cover the fields of earth science, geology, environment, and geography. Key words and search terms and phrases used in the search process are discussed and agreed upon by you and Earth Research prior to the search.

What do you get?

You receive a comprehensive compilation of bibliographic citations and abstracts (where available) that are relevant to your research project, based on the key words and search terms used.

How do you benefit?

The bibliographic search service enables you to obtain references to existing published work of relevance to your topic.

It is vital that you are aware of all important publications and reports, in order that your research is based securely in the literature, and that you are not repeating someone else’s work

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