Research Audit

Professional Review

Earth Research offers advice and solves problems concerning any aspect of your research, including formulation of objectives and hypotheses, literature review, methodology, sampling design, data sources and collection, fieldwork, data analysis, and results interpretation.

The advice may be a “one-off” or given periodically over a longer period of time as the research progresses.

Audit of Research Papers

Earth Research evaluates your paper prior to submission to an academic journal. The audit involves making constructive criticisms, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting modifications. The purpose is to strengthen the paper prior to submission. The audit offers an independent, unbiased assessment of a research paper, a viewpoint not available to the author because of his/her closeness to the work.

Earth Research can critique any or all of the following for you: the research rationale, literature review, methods and methodology, the types of data used and their measurement, data analysis and interpretation, results and discussion, conclusions, document structure, and writing style.

How do you benefit?

Ensure that your research paper has had an independent, objective check for strengths, weaknesses, and possible improvements prior to submission.

Research Audit Contact

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