Rewriting/Editing Papers and Articles for Publication

Rewriting and Editing Services

Earth Research will edit and rewrite your draft scientific research paper to international publication standard.

Earth Research will help you to produce a well-written paper before you submit it to reduce the chance of rejections or extensive editorial revisions, and will assist you to get your work published in prestigious journals that are read by national and international audiences.

Services include: rewriting and editing the document and preparing it for submission to the journal editor; selection of the most appropriate journal for submission; and assistance with all other aspects of the publication process including corresponding with journal editors and dealing with the comments of reviewers and journal editors.

Earth Research’s rewriting and editing services include: review of substance of the document; revision and editing of content; reorganization of document, sections, and heading/subheading structure; reconstruction of paragraphs and sentences; attention to phraseology, flow, logic, clarity, and figure-table-text links.

The degree of writing or editing needed for your work is assessed and options are given to you.

Earth Research has helped researchers publish more than 1500 papers in many different journals.

Dr Tippett, Director of Earth Research, has published in top-flight international journals, and is a past recipient of the prestigious John Wiley Publisher’s Award.

Why Use These Services?
  • You want to increase your research publication output (and therefore increase your research profile, grant-gaining capability, salary, etc).
  • You want your draft paper/manuscript checked prior to submission to reduce the chance of rejection.
  • You are bogged down with too many teaching or administrative duties and need someone to continue to write or edit your paper.
  • You are going to be assessed for research output and need to get ahead with publications.
  • The reviewers and/or editor of the journal require you to make changes to your submitted paper.
How Do You Benefit?

Ensure that your written research work is well-received and respected by those who read it. Get your research published in journals, increase your publication output, and enhance your research profile.

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